Dream the Impossible

You mind if I share something with you? I know when we fall asleep we don't have control over what we dream. But what about control over your day dreams..hmm? think about it. What has been on your mind? Do you spend your time worrying about your spouse, your children, the bills? Worrying about the job, your health, the sad news you overheard... what is on your mind?

How about starting today - we daydream purposely? Hear me out. 

Daydreaming is characterized as a fantasy whose events work out in our favor. Feed the positive, that's the key.

Today choose to daydream about a particular blessing that you have been praying about. For example - Today I will purposely day dream about living a 90% stress free life. Is it possible? Of course it is, because it's my day dream. Notice I didn't say 100% stress free life. Listen, we are human and are subject to human behavior. We have the tendency to fear the unknown, therefore we allow things to stress us out. But is 90% realistic. YES - IT - IS!

In my day dream I don't allow life to control me - I control it. Other people's emergencies will not overtake me. Disappointed children, opinionated spouses will not get the best of me. Micromanaging employers and busy co-workers, I say God bless them.  I care and I still love everyone. Hold up - I just grabbed my Bible - some things only come by praying and fasting.

Have you prayed about it? Depending on the answer - I'll then say, let's sit and reason together. I'll approach life's adversities with a calm spirit, biblical principles (W.W.J.D.), and logic. It becomes my choice:  (1) look at the bright side; (2) come to an agreed resolution;  or (3) simply accept what God allows. In either case my impossible daydream will become my reality. Proverbs 23 says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. Philosopher Rene' Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." In either case - I'm closer to 90%. I AM WINNING!!!