Fall On Me

"Fall on me" - that's the cry heard throughout the church today. Blessings - Fall on Me. Finances - Fall on Me. Healing - Fall on Me. I want the the best of the best; the finest of the fine to fall on me. But do you know it's the anointing that makes the difference? 

You can have the best of everything, but if you don't have the anointing of Jesus Christ, then you have nothing at all. The anointing will destroy the yolk of bondage. The anointing will cover, shield, and protect you. The anointing teaches you about ALL things.

I know..... I see your hands raised - How do I get the anointing?

Step 1: BE PRESENT... Show up for church whether you feel like it or not; the blessing is in the pressing. To those that have never been or haven't been in a while - Can I take it old school? I D-Double dare you!- Come by 700 N. Pulaski Street on Wednesday night @ 6:30 p.m. or come Sunday @ 10:30 a.m. and no excuses - where not big on fancy clothes, just come

Step 2: BE SUBMISSIVE... Develop a mind set to come under the subjection of leadership; Follow the Pastor- as the Pastor follows Christ.

Step 3: BE A SERVANT... Serve God's people. If you love Christ and I know you do, serve one another inside and outside the four walls. Jesus Christ said that HE came that HE may serve and not be served.

I JUST SAID SOMETHING                                                                                                                       - GGJ

People do not fail in ministry, they just find out where they do not fit.
— Rev. Gary G. Johnson, Sr.
Pain is INEVITABLE but suffering is OPTIONAL!
- Rev. Gary G. Johnson, Sr.

Nuggets from the Pastor

"I am so glad that I have church home where I serve faithfully!!"

SUBMISSION brings about the ANOINTING!

The only reason we might be living a defeated life is because we may have the tendency to believe more in the power of the devil than the infinite POWER of GOD!
God is More!
The reason you may be in Debt is because you’re