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Topic: "The Necessity of The Good Shepherd (pt.2.)"

Preacher: Pastor Gary G Johnson, Sr
Text: Psalm 23:4-6

Sheep are still in need of a Shepherd!

What is the benefit of having a Shepherd?

.  The Shepherd gives his sheep ASSURANCE (v4). The good Shepherd watches over the first and the last. He talks to each of his sheep by name. None will be left behind. When his sheep tries to wonder he uses his rod to pull them back.
II. The Shepherd AVOCATES for his sheep (v5). The good Shepherd takes care of his wounded sheep. He makes a table for him and protects him from those who may harm him (family, friend or foe). 

 III. The Shepherd is AFFECTIONATE towards his sheep. (v6). The good Shepherd loves his sheep. GOODNESS and MERCY equals LOVE. The good Shepherd loves even when his sheep is wrong and has lost his way. He will never leave you out there alone no matter what you have done. There is nothing you can do that will Stop God from loving You!

-Provided by D.D.


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"The Necessity Of The Good Shepherd"

Pastor Gary G Johnson,Sr 
Psalm 23:1-3
Why do Sheep need a SHEPHERD?
I. The Shepherd PROVIDES For His Sheep (v.1). He woke you up. Put food on the table, clothes on your body. He will make a way for you. 
II. The Shepherd Gives PEACE To His Sheep. He will pick the perfect place for you to have rest. Green pastures. 
III. The Shepherd PERSUADES Sheep to do better. He will lead His sheep in the best way to go. He leads you to a place where there is still waters. Protecting you from harm and danger. He persuades you to do better. 
IV. The Shepherd PERFORMS Miracles For His Sheep. (v.3). Only God can perform miracles. He continues to walk with you and talks with you. He is a healer. He is whatever you need Him to be!
Because the Lord is Your Shepherd, You will have Everything You need!
You can't provide your every need! But God Can!

-Provided by D.D.

Quote of the Day: “Pain is INEVITABLE but Suffering is OPTIONAL” - Rev. Gary G. Johnson, Sr.

Annual First Lady Day - SUnday February 24, 2019

Annual First Lady Day - SUnday February 24, 2019

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From the desk of First Lady Naomi Johnson
I would like to send a special thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my special day. It was such a blessing to see God deliver so many. Walk in your deliverance and stay strong in the Lord.
Love you!
First Lady
Rev. Richard Holland  ~ “You can be blessed ina bad place”

Rev. Richard Holland ~ “You can be blessed ina bad place”

Esther 2:12-17
Preacher: Rev. Richard Holland from Jerusalem Baptist Church of Temperanceville, Virginia
Instead of letting your situation or circumstance dictate your fate, change course and speak over yourself. Reinvent Yourself!
God will put people out of your way to make room for your blessings.
When God has a plan for your life, He will attach Favor to your life. God will go in front of you to prepare the way.
I. Prepared By The Process!
SHE was prepared before she was presented. You can’t be prepared by the physical process alone. You must work on the inside. Your Spiritual process.
II. Transformed By The Treatment!
Learning to appreciate the process(hardships, disappointments challenges) that have gotten you closer to your blessings. God will use your Problems for your Progress. He will use your Struggles to give you Strength.
III. Qualified Before She Was Queen!
Waiting is part of the process. Can God trust you while you wait? If you can rejoice when others are being blessed and you’re still waiting. Then you are qualified to receive the blessings that God has for you.
God can’t reinvent you if you’re easily bought. Easily distracted! Keep your eye on the prize. Obedience!
-Provided by D.D.

"Help! It's My Fault"
Pastor Gary G Johnson, Sr.
Luke 10:30-37

Sometimes your irresponsibility will bring/cause trouble or hurt that is your fault.
There are 3 types of individuals that will cross your path:
The Conscience, The Curious and The Comforter.
How did the Samaritan give help to the helpless?
I. He had COMPASSION for the Hurting.
II. He Helped in the CURING of the Hurting.
III. He willingly CARRIED the Hurting.
IV. He allowed the Hurting To CONVALESCENCE.

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