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“Your SITUATION is not greater than your SAVIOR”
Pastor Gary G Johnson,Sr
1John 4:4
How do you know you will Survive your Situation?
I. Because You Are SAVED! Christ looks out for His own.
II. Because You Are STRONG! (Mat. 21). Just because your little doesn’t mean you’re not strong. Litte does not mean weak. Your Strength comes from the Lord! With God. You will overcome them!
III. Because the the HOLY SPIRIT is inside of You! You will have power when the holy spirit come upon you.
The holy spirit will give you power to cast out devils.
You will make it. Your situation is not greater than God! This season will not kill you. You will survive.
You will overcome the World, the Flesh and the Devil. You are Saved, You Are Strong, You have the Holy Spirit.


Special Guest: Mt. Olive United Methodist Church

“God Go Before Us”
Pastor Gary G Johnson, Sr.
Deuteronomy 31:6-8
”A Change Is About to Take Place!”
Change can mean to make a radical difference or transformation.
Why is it Important that God Go Before Us?
I. Because It teaches Us to Rely on the ASSURANCE of His PRESENCE.(v.6). He is with you!
II. Because it teaches Us to APPRECIATE His POTENTIAL (v.8)
I will never fail you. You will not live with lack.
III. Because it Teaches Us that He will not ABANDON Us in the PROCESS. He will stay with you in the process of whatever your going through.

If you keep going first you will end up back where you were delivered from.
Ask God to Go First!
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Pastor Kelly fox  and the shining light ministries -   tHANK YOU   FOR COMING TO HELP US CELEBRATE   F.C.W.C. MEN’S DAY 2018

Pastor Kelly fox and the shining light ministries - tHANK YOU FOR COMING TO HELP US CELEBRATE F.C.W.C. MEN’S DAY 2018

TOPIC: “Where My Real Soldiers At?”
PREACHER: Pastor Kelly Fox
TEXT: Joshua 14:6-14
What does it look like to be a real soldier for God?
I. A Willingness to Follow God with your Whole Heart. Resilient, Perseverance and will not Buckle under Pressure. They must have a Different Spirit and will stand on God’s word and His assignment on your life. Even when it doesn’t look like you can win. Stand with God on your side and if He called you to it. He will do it (v.8-9).
II. A Willingness to Serve and Remain Faithful to God through it all. A Willingness to Go Hard. Thugs for Jesus. Willingness to fight for the Kingdom of God.(v10).
III. A Wllingness to Forgive your enemy and your blessings will flow. God is looking for a loving heart.
IV. A Willingness to stand/believe on God’s PROMISES. Know that You will not die before God’s gives you your inheritance.(v.13-14).

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f.c.w.c. pre-mens day celebration

“ f.c.w.c - men leveling up for god”

COME AND BE BLESSED by some of Baltimore’s best Choirs, Quartets, MIME Ministry, Comedian, and more as we Celebrate the upcoming Men’s Anniversary.

Come at 6:00 p.m. to dine and fellowship. Fish & Chicken Dinners only $10.00